Home Depot vs. Lowe’s: My Experience


Yesterday I was on my bike ride and noticed my heart rate monitor was acting wonky. No matter how hard I was working It kept registering my BPM as 35. Since I wasn’t in a coma I decided to get it fixed.

Inside the heart rate monitor is a battery, and mine was presumably dead or near dead so I needed to replace it. The battery was held in the device by 4 tiny screws. I knew I did not have the tools to get this done so I decided to make a trip to Home Depot to take care of it.


At Home Depot I went straight to the tools isle and couldn’t find a screw driver that was small enough. I walked up and down a few isle looking for an attendant but mostly saw contractors looking for supplies of their own. After about 10 minutes I found someone in an orange pull over and I told her about my dilemma. She told me she had no clue about hand tools and that I should ask someone over in the tool section. I returned to the tool section and there was no one near it. I headed over to a desk that was for contractors (at least the huge sign above it made it seem so) and asked if someone could help me. The guy behind the desk asked if I was a contractor, I responded no and he told me to go back to the tool isle and ask for an attendant there. Back to the tool section? Nah, dog. I walked around the front of the store and found another person in orange, they walked with me back over to the screw driver section and tried a number of large screw driver heads on my heart rate monitor. It was painful to watch, like watching someone try to unscrew a flathead screw with a phillips screw driver. After she wasted about 2 minutes of my time she told me to try an electronics store.


In frustration I took off and headed out to Lowe’s which was a few blocks away. As soon as I walked in, someone greeted me and asked how they could help. I told her about my problem and she said to go to the tooling section and ask any attendant there. I was afraid it was going to be Home Depot Part II, but went along with it anyway. At the tooling section I found worker in a blue apron, told him my problem and he took a look at it and walked me over to a work area. He grabbed a set of tiny screw drivers, unscrewed the back of my heart rate monitor and told me to wait a second. He got a package of batteries, replaced the battery and put the screws back. He said, “that’s it” and I bought the battery and I was on my way.

I’m still in disbelief that these two experiences were so different. Is this how it is? I don’t really frequent either of these establishments but assuming they are serving a similar market, wtf?

At least Home Depot is responsive on Twitter?

F*ck a deal, I just want my father’s email. So I can tell him how much I f#cking hate him in detail.
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A Look Into Free Masonry: R & CartoDB

A few days ago I was sorting through some old pictures from my time in Michigan and I came across a picture, the symbol of the Free Masons:


I remember running into Masons all the time in Detroit and suburbs of Detroit and thinking it was a bit odd for me to not have heard of them before that point (2006-2008). I checked out a few of their resources online and came across their membership statistics.

It turns out that Michigan is one of the larger states with their Freemason population in 2012 exceeding 34,000. Unfortunately, the group has come on rough times in the last several decades and membership has fallen:


I’m not really that curious about Freemasonry. Mainly I wanted to play around with CartoDB and use ggthemes on R and this was a perfect opportunity.


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